250% win bonus helps Robert Wanami win UGX 23,361,955.67

How big a difference does betPawa’s 250% win bonus make? Our latest BIG winner Robert Wanami explained: “It’s so magnificent. I witnessed it through the betslip I won. I was supposed to win UGX 6,674,016.50 but, due to the win bonus, it increased to UGX 23,361,955.67.”

betPawa offer the best win bonus in Uganda for all bets with three legs or more, including 250% for 30 legs.

Though his 30 selections were all clear favourites, Robert’s life-changing UGX 23,361,955.67 payout was achieved with just a UGX 2,900 stake. What will he do with the winnings? “Since I’m a farmer, I’m going to invest in farming and buy tyres for my tractor that I use on my farm.”

The Mbale resident couldn’t celebrate fully the night that his bet won, even with the drama of Young Boy and Feyenoord’s late victories. “I felt so happy but didn’t tell anyone until the following day because the last game finished at around 2:00am and everybody was in bed,” he explained.

His betPawa story started last year following a friend’s recommendation: “He told me all the procedures plus some of the offers that betPawa had like the UGX 1 minimum stake and win bonus. I was so amazed.

“betPawa is so convenient that you can bet at your own time, especially like me a farmer. When I’m tired and want to reset, I may decide to play some bets with betPawa and try my luck.” It’s definitely looking like a smart strategy now.

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What is betPawa’s no minimum stake? betPawa offers its customers the genuine chance to bet small win BIG by allowing users to bet as little as UGX 1.

What is betPawa’s win bonus? betPawa offers the best win bonus in Uganda, inviting users to win up to 250% extra. With 50% for 12 correct picks, 100% for 20 and 250% for 30, you get much more in return.

betPawa is the easiest way to bet online securely. Not only do we offer the best odds and the opportunity to bet small win BIG with a minimum bet of UGX 1 and win bonuses up to 250%, we also provide 24-hour support to customers who need it.

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